EFF Spring 2021 Program

EFF Spring 2021 Program

The EFF Spring Virtual Summit will be a virtual meeting featuring the latest data from the ProQR QR-421a Stellar study, a phase 1b/2 study in USH2A mediated syndrome and retinitis pigmentosa, as well as a panel discussion with expert perspectives from the clinical and patient community.

We are pleased to announce Dr. Paul Yang, Krista Vasi and Mani Iyer will join as special guests, participating in the discussions and will be answering questions from the audience.

Timetable - Thursday 15 April 2021

Welcome to the webinar

Presented by: Daniel de Boer, CEO, ProQR Therapeutics
Time: 17:00 CET / 11:00 EST

Daniel de Boer will open the EFF Spring Virtual Summit.

Usher update

Presented by: Aniz Girach, Chief Medical Officer, ProQR Therapeutics
Time: 17:05 CET / 11:05 EST

Aniz Girach, CMO ProQR, will present a short update on the status of the ProQR Usher syndrome program, including the outcome from the recent clinical milestone.

For a more detailed presentation on the recent Stellar clinical trial results of the QR-421a program for USH2A mediated Usher syndrome and retinitis pigmentosa, please watch (listen to) the video below.

On our YouTube channel you can navigate through the video using the timestamp links in the description.

Panel discussion on Usher clinical trials and the IRD community perspective

Dr. Paul Yang, Krista Vasi, Mani Iyer, Dr. Aniz Girach, moderated by Jennifer Pluim.
Time: 17:20 CET / 11:20 EST

Dr. Paul Yang, Krista Vasi and Mani Iyer have been invited to the panel discussion on Usher syndrome clinical trials and the IRD community to answer all the questions the audience may have. What is the current state of clinical research in Usher syndrome? What is the patients’ perspective on current clinical research?

Make sure to pre-submit all your questions here!

Close out

Speaker: Jennifer Pluim
Time: 18:25 CET / 12:25 EST

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