The patient perspective at the Eye on the Future Forum

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Since joining ProQR in November 2019, it was pressed upon me from every colleague the importance of combining the views and lived experience of those we are striving for an RNA therapy with our company’s clinical expertise. With the ultimate ambition of making ProQR’s medicine development process the best and fastest in the world.

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As the Associate Director of Patient & Medical Community Engagement, I am extremely excited for the EFF at the end of February. We will aim to bring together patients, caregivers, professional advocates, researchers, investigators and ProQRians to discuss and debate how we can further increase the patient perspective further into our clinical trials, research and development. This fully inclusive conference in Paris hopes to explore and find solutions to the current challenges and barriers faced in making clinical research person focused.

Across the healthcare system there continues to be the growing desire for the patient perspectives due to the benefits associated with person focused evidence-based programs, and policies, developed hand in hand with those living with the conditions that companies are striving to alleviate. A direct initiative launched in ProQR since January, is the Global Patient & Caregiver Steering Committee, a group of individuals representing a cross-section of our current ophthalmology development. I am delighted that in Paris we will have the opportunity to bring all the Steering Committee members together, to listen and understand, how we as a company can directly implement their thoughts into our clinical development. 

We hope sharing our RNA science with the all the stakeholders joining us in Paris, in combination with listening to their clinical and lived experience, we can help develop and implement the best in-class person focused clinical studies.

Andy Bolan – Associate Director, Patient & Medical Community Engagement

Featured in program:

Andy Bolan will be co-hosting Breakout session 3: Patient’s perspective in clinical research and patient-physician interactions, together with Molly Watt and Russel Wheeler on Friday, 16:00-17:30 in the Paris room.

Also, he will be hosting the Global patients and caregivers steering committee meeting on Saturday, 08:00 – 13:00 in the Paris room.