Announcing the Eye on the Future Forum (EFF) Virtual 2020 Fall program

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We are pleased to present the final agenda for the EFF 2020 Fall Summit.

The EFF Fall Summit will focus on the latest findings from sepofarsen and include interactive sessions related to the data, clinical and patient perspectives.

Here is the exciting program for EFF Fall Summit 2020:

Timetable – Wednesday 23 September 2020

Welcome to the webinar

Presented by: Daniel de Boer, CEO, ProQR Therapeutics
Time: 17:00 CET  / 11:00 EST
Daniel de Boer, the CEO of ProQR will open the Fall EFF Summit giving a with an introduction on inclusiveness of the IRD community in our work and a short update on our programs.

Sepofarsen update

Presented by: Aniz Girach, Chief Medical Officer, ProQR therapeutics
Time: 17:10 CET  / 11:10 EST
Aniz Girach will give a short update on the latest findings of the sepofarsen program for LCA before starting the interactive sessions.

Live Q&A on LCA and sepofarsen

Dr. Ian M. MacDonald & Dr. Aniz Girach
Time: 17:25 CET  / 11:25 EST

This session will start with a brief video with the highlights from the expert perspective call on LCA10 and sepofarsen.

Here you can find the complete version of this video (you need to register first). Immediately after, we will start with a Q&A session with Dr. Ian MacDonald and Dr. Aniz Girach. For 25 minutes they will be answering audience questions about LCA10 and sepofarsen data.

Submit all your questions in advance to or use the contact form.

Panel discussion on patient’s perspective on clinical research.

Speaker: Francesca Diodati, Ian MacDonald & Aniz Girach
Time: 17:50 CET  / 11:50 EST

To conclude the EFF Fall Summit, the audience has the chance to ask to our panelists questions focusing on our topic: patients perspective on clinical research.

We suggest watching the ProQR talks episode #2 as an introduction to the session.

Close out

Speaker: Daniel de Boer
Time: 18:30 CET  / 12:30 EST


Time: 18:35 CET / 12:35 EST

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